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Plants that are ideal for a planter box

  • By Yuccabe Italia
  • • Jul 09, 2019

With container gardening becoming the latest implementation of gardening, people often ask around as to which plants are ideal to be grown within a four square container.

Although many traditional gardeners would discard the idea of growing plants in such enclosed spaces, the practice of container gardening has able to overcome its negative reception.

It was due to its various beneficial attributes that the pot gardens tend to have wide popularity among the communities.

Quite frankly it is the era where acquiring space has become a luxury and thus for people who wish to possess some space in order to implement their dream garden has been able to do such with container gardening.

The various perks of container gardening

So you can refer to attributes like the convenience of space and a distinct presence of beauty as the prime reasons for a widespread practice of container gardening.

For plants to be nurtured within a planter box needs to be selectively picked out as not every species can thrive in such an environment.

The boxing culture might seem ideal for herbs like Basil, thyme, chive, etc. but there are still other plant varieties who may not welcome such form of habitat.

Why container gardening is easy and convenient?

Now coming to the positive side of container gardening as much as little space the planter box occupies in the indoor, it has its own curb appeal to offer.

It helps to brighten up your interior and add its own new essence with colorful blooms and greeneries.

So if you are one such urban dwellers who have no such space for building a garden, consider planting few herbs of your favorite kinds and placing them within the interior of your home.

Knowing the plants ideal for container gardening

While now you are determined to build and organize your own vertical garden, it is time you get to know the plants that are ideal to grow in such condition.

Only plants requiring low maintenance and are much easy to grow can be grown in such boxes and containers.

Here are some of the plant names you can hope to grow in your miniature container garden.

  • Sweet Potato Vine known for its lush foliage and colorful variation are ideal plants that can be grown in any window box.

  • You should consider planting the lime green Margarita, the deep purple shade of sweetheart or the grey varieties require the least maintenance and are an ideal example of plants that can grow inboxes.


  • Coleus with its sun and shade varieties are usually known for its bushy appearance.


  • While being a great filler and an accent plant, the bold varieties can be made the prime attraction of your box garden.


  • Petunias with their vibrant and colorful blooms can grow even in the harshest heat.


  • If you want a colorful bushy touch to your box garden then petunias are the one to go for.


  • Not only can they thrive with low maintenance but they do possess their own set of beauty.


  • Creeping Jenny while also recognized as moneywort look stunning due to its blooming shades and are also good ground cover.


  • The vibrant plant type can be easily grown in those boxes and will add a shine to your miniature garden.


Growing all these plants in such boxes will exert its own sign of beauty and the most pleasant thing is that it will all be present inside your home.

So you will be breathing fresh air filtered from these plant types as well as maintain a spiritual beauty in your home with their presence.

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