A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri 110018 New Delhi West IN
A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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Rules you should follow for a healthy city garden

Gardening is a very common hobby these days. Especially among the young generations, it is a new hype. With everyone walking into the generation of web 2.0 and turning vegan, the growing problems of global warming and everything else in between have led people to think green.

Everyone wants to do their bit and that is maybe one of the reasons why there is such hype for gardening at present. Planters online can be bought so easily and thereby making the first step for developing a city garden much easier. Planters can be hard to take care of at times but there are many planters which are so easy to keep up with. City gardens are very pretty and aesthetic to look at as well.

Here are a few rules that will help people get a healthy city garden:

  • Do try different things with darker and milder colors in holders to make a really nice contrast and thereby making the house also look pretty. Nowadays many different colored plants are available. Their leaves are so bright that they attract a lot of attention. Previously only flowers in different colors were put up but now with such techniques, one can even use colorful pots. Pots or containers come in different shapes and sizes as well.

  • Try not to utilize one of each plant type and one should not keep different sized plants in a straight line. it is not satisfying to the eye. A lot of people end up putting the same type of plants and filling up the whole garden. But that practice is kind of bad. It makes the plants look weird in a cluster. Also arranging them properly according to their height measures is also important.

  • Try not to keep many plants and crowd the area near the staircase. It winds up looking tousled and as someone has without any plans just out of nowhere tossed a few things together. And mind one it might trigger a lot of obsessive-compulsive behavior among people.

  • Do plant trees in small pots on the border of one's property. They include shading, surface, and life to a cleared walkway. Also, they're useful for one’s healthy lifestyle and the earth.

  • Now there must be a point where the eye can meet the plants and thereby making them look pretty. One needs to have a perception of space and have an eye for such visuals. That might end up making the whole place look beautiful.

  • The best trick that one can use is to put up really long lasting and less maintenance demanding perennial plants all over the garden. This makes the garden look healthy effortlessly. These planters usually fill up the whole area and they look good as well.


These were a few rules that one should follow for a healthy city garden. Apart from these all humans should themselves do, as well as encourage other people to buy online planters, as they are easy to get hold of and start gardening, thereby helping the environment return to its former glory.

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