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Should You Grow Plants in Plastic Pots?

In cities, having your own garden plot may not always be possible. However, you can still choose to grow your own food. Using containers for your gardening needs may be contemplated. The lightweight, portable plastic-based variety of pots stands as a suitable choice for nurturing your plants. Nonetheless, there is much debate over whether plastic can be considered safe for health. The same concerns are being raised when it comes to plastic container gardening. Even if you seem to be seeking answers pertaining to plastic pots to grow your plants, then be assured that plants can be grown in plastic planters safely.

Moreover, there are certain advantages related to plastic pots, including their features such as robustness, strong, durable, and lighweighted-ness. In fact, such types of pots are considered ideal for moisture-loving plants. Also, you do not need to worry if the plants grown in these pots are not watered regularly. Also, several plastic variants are composed of an inert material that is recyclable.

However, there are several plastic planters that are composed of Bisphenol A (BPA), due to which there have been doubts concerning the safety of such pots. People are raising queries with respect to using plastics for growing feed. However, it may help to know that majority of the commercial growers use plastic in various forms for growing crops. For example, plastic pipes, plastic plant coverings and plastic mulches are commonly being used. Also, the experts opine that due to BPA being a large-sized molecule, as compared to the ions that are absorbed by plants, the chemical is unable to pass through the cell walls of the roots into the plants.

As per research studies, growing plants in plastic pots is safe. But, if you still have doubts, then there are several ways of using plastic safely as seen in the following details.

1. Consider the Chemical-free Varieties

You can consider the use of plastic containers that are BPA-free and other detrimental chemicals as well. Also, you can check whether the containers contain recycling codes to ascertain whether they are recyclable. Plastic containers that have labels of #1, #2, #3, #4, and # 5 are a good choice.

2. Avoid the Containers from Getting Overheated

You must make sure that the plastic pots do not get overheated. This is because the chemicals are released if the pots get heated. Therefore, the containers must be kept in cool corners. Avoid placing them in areas that receive direct sunlight. Additionally, the light-colored variants must be chosen.

3. Potting Mediums Should Be Rich in Organic Material

Furthermore, when using plastic planters, then potting mediums that contain a high percentage of organic material are advised. By doing so, the health of your plants can be maintained. Moreover, they are helpful for filtering and collecting the chemicals, as a result of which they do not reach the plants.

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