Sustainable Practice of Growing Garden for Self-Reliance

A lot of people takes gardening as a hobby to get outside and burn sufficient calories. This great hobby produces the rewarding result of taking a good care of your surroundings and environment. You should encourage other people to take up the gardening as a hobby.

You should keep on looking for various practices and sustainable ways of building urban gardens if your place is small and try growing varieties of vegetables and fruits just by sitting comfortably at home.

Smart gardening tips and tricks for Beginner level

You should explore various Gardening Tips and Tricks from online or from your local gardener who can share with you his different experiences which will help you in getting started with the gardening. You can think of smart and cheap tips and tricks that can help you in not breaking your gardening budget.

  • Recycle old and used Plastic containers

If you have an ample space at your home for gardening, then instead of buying new pots from the market, you can think innovative and creative by choosing old, waste and used pots and containers that can be recycled easily.

You can clean them with disinfectant and can mold them in the shapes as per choice. Add holes at the bottom of the containers for draining the water.


  • Seedling with a touch of spices

This is a traditional home-based method. Using the spices during seedling in the soil can prevent the seeds from the attack of bacteria and fungi. Spices have the antioxidant property that prevents disease. Try reapplying the spices after watering the seeds.


  • Adding coffee grounds to the soil

Without composting, you can add coffee grounds directly to the soil which provides nitrogen to the soil on the breakdown and helps in the nourishment of plants. You can even consult the experts about using coffee and ask their expert opinion.


  • Using sticks as a plant marker

You can grab some branches that are straight. You can give them the desired shape. This method is inexpensive and saves you money. You can write the name and can reuse the stick as per the seasonal gardening.


  • Making compost tea

You can make compost tea that can provide nutrition to the plants and help them in growth. Compost tea can be made from fresh llama and manure along with some leaves and weeds. Several veggies like cauliflower, broccoli can have benefited from the application of the tea.


  • Compost Kitchen waste

The kitchen waste can be of prime use in making a compost. You can gather all your vegetable waste and other kitchen waste except plastics. This can be a great way of making manures that can provide micro-nutrients to the soil.


  • Preserving vegetables in the garden

You should avoid the practice of neglecting the vegetables. They should be preserved right away when they are in their prime time. Harvest them on maturity and store them in the safe house. By doing so you will be endeavoring the benefits of these vegetables for around the year. On harvesting, the vegetable at right time can save their nutritional value.

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