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The many culinary uses and benefits of tulsi

The erect aromatic plant has a slightly oval-shaped, green colored leaf which has a strong flavour/taste and smell. There are two types of Tulsi: One has purple leaves and the second one greenish-brown.

Tulsi is one such plant which is grown, in houses of most Indians. Here is a take on the diverse uses of the plant and how its presence in the kitchen is a healthful affair:


  • Various ways to get hold of it

Growing and maintaining a Holi basil or Tulsi plant is easy without any extra care or effort pouring in it.

  • Buy a Tulsi pot online and plant Holi basil’s seedlings there and water it.
  • After a few months or, weeks when the plant germinates completely, pluck few leaves and wash them with water to clean dust, dirt, etc. then, wipe them/dry with a towel.

You can buy/get hold of Holi basil leaf from the market/ stores too, but you need to keep certain things in mind/factors while choosing:

  • Make sure that you buy/pick only the vibrant colored green leaf which doesn’t have any black, dark spot on it.
  • Avoid picking/buying leaves that have small openings or holes in them.

  • Culinary uses of Tulsi

Living a busy life with no time to work out or exercise isn't good at all for the overall wellness of the body.  In such a situation, that individual is prone to various health problems.

  • Consuming leaves of Tulsi can reduce its adverse effect to a certain extent. You can put it in juices and various syrups.
  • Putting Tulsi leaves in tea is practiced, widely in several regions and it has numerous/several health benefits.
  • The herbal drink is also excellent in curing digestion issues. It can also be served, with salads/vegetables and even at times with desserts.


  • Tulsi leaves reduce fever

Holy basil is a fabulous antibiotic, germicidal agent.

  • It efficiently protects the body from germs, preventing the outburst and germination of bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases.
  • Fever is caused, by any harmful germs or, by any allergy-triggering matter, etc.
  • Fever is not really, an illness/disease. It is just a trait which proves that the body is competing in itself, with the less noticeable infections present inside.
  • The disinfectant, fungicide features in Tulsi stops all those pathogens considered above and fixes the illness entirely.


  • Tusli has valuable vitamins namely A, C, B9, and K in it

Chewing its leaves early in the morning in an empty stomach is excellent to stay away from all health hazards.

  • The essential compounds like vitamin C, camphene, and cineole are found in the oils/juices of Tulsi.
  • These compounds not only provide relief but also minimize lungs diseases maintaining its healthy state.
  • These beneficial antioxidants substances also help in reducing and avoiding any heart diseases.


  • It acts as a mouth freshener and reduces stress

The sharp smell and taste of Tulsi leaves can be used, as a natural/pure form of mouth freshener.

  • The natural herb contains vital ingredients which can fight with the germs present in the mouth, remove bad odour, making gums and teeth healthy.


The stress level in your life might be too much. It's great to consume the juice made from the leaves of it. It detoxifies the body making it pure and diseases free.

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