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The nutrients you need to feed to your indoor plants

Indoor plants with pots do have its own natural beauty to admire upon. It’s a delightful treat in seeing rows of colorful floras and faunas panted in an orderly fashion within the four corners of a house or at the outdoor balconies.

If you are a big fan of indoor plants and wanting to have your own indoor garden then you must consider providing them with the perfect nutritional supplements daily. Like humans plants also gets hungry and needs to be fed upon for their longevity and sprouting growth. Moreover, the lavishing features of a flower will stay as long as you are providing the proper diet supplements.

As the natural floras are capable of producing food due to photosynthesis with natural provisions like sunlight, water and soil nutrients avail to them naturally the indoor planters do not the proficient amount of these necessities.

Though the most you can do is keeping them on balconies or terraces to obtain the proper amount of sunlight and providing them with water daily your plant will not be able to feed on the proper amount of nutrients that they avail from the soil.

The requirements of a plant -

Primary nutrients

Apart from the fundamental requisites of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen that they intake from air and water plants need sufficient amount of minerals such as potassium and phosphorous and large amounts of nitrogen that they dig in the soil. The soil supplements are the primary nutrients and are the basis for several fertilizers. Soil formation deposited within the pot for indoor plants do not contain the primary nutrients and needed to be supplied externally.

The primary nutrients offer a vital role in the process of photosynthesis and stimulate the vigorous growth of roots, fruits, and flowers while making it durable to diseases. 

While the primary nutrients are commonly known by several plants lovers they often forget to factor in the secondary nutrients that are crucial for the strong bondage between the soil and plants.

Naturally, it is the soil that provides the primary nutrients to the plants which they take in as photosynthesis requirement. With nutrients providing them with the necessary aids in developing seeds and fruits the soil bases require the gifts of plants to replenish the diminished minerals. The soils apart from delivering the primary nutrients also provide secondary nutrients.

Secondary nutrients

The basic minerals of secondary nutrients are calcium, sulphur, and magnesium. The main difference between the primary and secondary supplements is their amount of usage. The fundamental or primary nutrients are extracted at a large amount while the secondary nutrients are required in minimal quantities.

The pots of your indoor plants do not have the proper amount of these supplements as these are absent from engineered or mixed soil. The secondary nutrients are important for a plant to remain an active producer of food and required to be supplied if needed.

Micronutrients containing minerals like copper, iron, boron, manganese, zinc, and chlorine are also nutrient requisites of plants.


For your indoor plants to retain their lavishing beauty it is essential to provide them with a sufficient amount of nutrients as required. Each plant has its own requirement specification so make sure to do a bit research and purchase it from nearby stores while buying ceramic pot for indoor plants.

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