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The product of the week: ceramic planters

  • By Yuccabe Italia
  • • Apr 07, 2019

We know how house plants are helpful to us. Often people keep plants in the drawing room and bedroom to purify the air in it and maintain the hygienic value of the room. Pot plants are often the best part of the room. Keeping plants which are health beneficial and looks good is an ideal setup for any studio apartment or houses. But keeping this fact aside, another crucial decision taken by garden lovers is which type of pots to use. Plastic or ceramic?

Well, this debate is a long going one with no such solution. Partly plastic pots are applicable in some circumstances and hold advantages whereas ceramic pots are also helpful in multiple ways holding numerous advantages.

Ceramic planters are actually the most beneficial. Often people get confused about how to maintain the soil quality of the planter along with the plant. This is a great issue which stands when comes to decorating the house with planters. Ceramic pots are the best option for many reasons.

Let us witness some of the factors which will tell you why ceramic pots are more beneficial and preferred material for planting household plants:

All round functionality

Ceramic pots often known as unglazed mud are often used to hold plants in it. Due to its porous content ceramic content, the pot gives all-around air circulation and permit water development at the side of the pot.

More water holding capability

To keep the plant fresh and healthy more water is needed. The ceramic material can withstand the demanded amount of water for the plant. These pots generally need more water as the ceramic nature of the pot tends to absorb the water more.

No longer dampness

Unlike plastic pots which do not offer air trade, ceramic pots offer no dampness inside the mud and create a space for air to circulate through the outlets of the pot. This helps the pot to prevent the mud from getting degrade in quality.

Gives a traditional look

The ceramic pots add a vintage look to the room which is an ideal decoration. In the modern quality class decorative, why not try something new. Try placing these ceramic pots in your bedroom which will give a look of tradition and class as well.

Natural look enhancer

Along with the household plant, the natural look of the planter can be maintained by placing the ceramic pots in the house or room. Talking about plastic pots they look sheer artificial and does not add authenticity to the room. Here ceramic pots maintain the authentic look of nature. And the perfect combination of mud pots and natural plants gives the best of a natural look in your room. The natural look also determines the natural factors in the plant. The plant can possess its beneficial quality anywhere when it is placed in mud or pots made of ceramic.


Ceramic pots are both eco-friendly and helpful. Unlike plastic pots, it offers the plants to grow up in organic nature in the house. Make sure you place the planter in a shady place which receives an ample amount of sunlight. Ceramic pots are also helpful as the soil do not need to be changed owing to its natural quality.

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