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Tips to keep pests away from your vegetable garden

When it comes to tending garden then pests have always been the most undesirable aspect. The pesticide problem has been evergreen trouble for the gardeners who have faced numerous troubles for it.

No matter how much you try to repel them off they still managed to exert its presence on the plants.

The garden trouble

Dealing with those pesticides is essential if you do not want to damage your vegetables or worst lose your harvest. Also, there is no way you can fully avoid those parasitic bugs to invade your cultivated beings.

Killing them all won’t be a viable proposition as after a few days they will still manage to enter your garden and live among those Planters and Pots. If you wish for them to never set foot on your garden then here are some ways you can drive back those uninvited bugs and pesticides.

Preliminary measures

  • First of all, take a close inspection of your garden. Pests are always particular in their food favourites. They mainly stick to the love succulent plant and vegetable varieties as much as every human being.
  • Knowing what you have in your garden will let you determine the effective measures of prevention. Pests are mainly selective on the type of plants they feed on. Knowing the crop inventory you have will help speculate the type of bugs you are dealing with. As such you will be able to take a proper course of action. Beware of bugs in both day and night.
  • Before you can determine the pest problem, the damage will be seen at first. You may either come upon skeletonized leaves, chewed edges, holes and deformed leaves all pointing to the fact that the pest is habituating here.
  • Chewed plants are the most recognizable that are mostly caused by those cabbage loopers, cucumber beetles or flea beetles. The ground infantry types like slugs, snails, and cutworms could have a severe effect on your young seedlings. Therefore you must identify the damage that has been already done by those pesticides in order to identify the type you are affected with.

Effective Actions

As soon as you have listed out all the specifications, it’s time for your retaliating action:

  • Planting seeds that are pest-resistant is the most effective way to repel those intruders. Consider doing some research beforehand in order to have an effective result.
  • Solarization is another way you can remove pests. You have to clear off all the plants in your garden while in the summer and make it tilted up to two inches. Cover the plot with two layers of plastic sheet which will tend to increase the ground temperature to 120 degrees thus exterminating all the pests and their eggs.
  • Clear out all the plant debris near the Planters and Pots as they are the best hiding spot for the pesticides. Also, there is certain pest who consumes on that debris and thrives on them. You can try improving the fertility of your garden by converting the collected debris into compost.


One of the best ways of fighting those pesticides is to attract toads, birds, and frogs. They will help to clear off those pest contaminations. It’s best to court only those types of pesticides that tend to make your soil more nutrient and fertilized. Those pesticides won’t be causing any harm to your vegetable garden.  

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