Top 7 In-House Plants

Some green plants can be grown inside the house as they can not only brighten a space but also purify the air and they also help in creating a more relaxing and a restful atmosphere in any room. The top 7 in houseplants are as follows;


This is an indoor plant which has an air purifying quality and it can absorb and strip pollutants like formaldehyde which comes from certain materials in the home like carpet. It has rambling stems and works well in a dangling basket or as a mounding plant with some preparation on to a lattice or whatever object that will support it. This indoor houseplant can produce stems which stream up to 8 feet or longer than that, so cut them back when they get too long and the plant will continue to look full and healthy. It can prosper in a collection of lighting conditions. Allow the soil to dry between watering and this plant does well in a collection of normal room temperatures.

English Ivy

There is a real ageless stylishness to ivy and it marks down furniture for an attractive effect. Also, it is easy to start a new plant for anyone by cutting off a section of the stem. English ivy likes humid soil and cooler room temperature situations which ranges from 50 to about 70 degrees.

Jade Plant

The jade plant offers thick, luxurious leaves and visually stimulating branches. It often grows slowly and it has the potential to live long. It also looks great in a beautiful pot when paired with other tender varieties. Jade plants do not require a lot of water and so we can keep the soil slightly dry. It wishes bright light and normal room temperatures.

Aloe Vera

This is tender with long and pointed leaves. Also, it has medicinal properties. It can also grow up to 3feet high to make a big effect indoors. Smaller varieties work great in small in sunny indoor spaces. Aloe likes room temperatures which range around 70 degrees and it requires a lot of sunlight. This indoor houseplant prefers a dry soil and we have to avoid frequent watering for the best results.

Snake Plant

This snake plant has particolored leaves which grow upright, and some diversities have yellow or white edges. It has small and white flowers which bloom very rarely. This indoor plant grows well in a whole variety of light conditions. The air should be somewhat dry and the soil should also be dry. Any normal room temperature will suit it very fine.


This indoor plant has shiny leaves to add liveliness to any indoor space. Its stems can be plaited for a tidy topiary effect. This plant likes full sun or at least bright and filtered sunlight. Most varieties prefer numerous days of dry soil in between full watering. Room temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees work best.

Shamrock Plant:

This cheerful indoor houseplant has bright green leaves which looks like shamrocks and it has sweet white flowers on tall stems.

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