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A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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Transform Your Walls With Amazing Wall Hanging Planters

Hanging Planters are the prime ingredients for the interior design of the home. There are many different trends of hanging planters are available for indoor use. These planters are the effective way to hand the design plants in any place or on any wall inside the room. Here are some of the best types of hanging planters.

  1. Geometric Planter:

Geometric elegance planters are available in three different sized. These are the best suit for the plants hanging in the air by nailing on the wall. The geometric planters may be suspended from the ceiling too which look stunning inside the bedroom and give an excellent look.

  1. Delicate Planter:

The delicate planters are delicately simple. These are made up of the stainless steel material. The finishing of these planters is so fine that the steel bars look like lace and also twisted as lace pattern.

  1. Frosted Planters:

Frosted planters are glass made stylish and excellent looking planters. The plant inside it looks very beautiful through this transplant planter. The looks of interior house increase with this unique planter hanged on the live less wall.

  1. Bulb-like Planters:

These Bulbs like planters are the highest productivity of the creativity. Around electric bulb shaped planters hanging from the roof with the air plant suit for any type of decoration. The air plant inside the bulb found always in front of the eyes hanging from the eyes has stolen the stress from the mind.

  1. Clear Planters:

Though this type of planter is made out of glass, still the elegant hardware of the planter fixes appropriately on the wall. It looks marvelous while the handing on the white wall background in a group.

  1. Mono Chrome Planters:

Mono Chrome planters are very well designed and stylish planters. The design looks simple with a circular shape or bowl-shaped planters, but, the look blossoms the home interior with colorful air plant along with the stoneware planter.

  1. Woven Planters:

Woven planters are mostly handmade. These handicrafts are very eco-friendly and made from the sustainable materials like leaves, wood, fibers etc. The majority of these planters are basket shape and easy to hang on wall and roof by nailed properly.

  1. Oasis Planter:

Oasis planter is a famous brass plant hanger. The design of this planter is very up-to-date and eye-catching and the foliages used in it are the uniqueness and trademark of this design.

  1. Perspective Planters:

The new perspective planters are an excellent design made from light. These are modern innovative planters design. Some designs are upward down which are very good and easy to hang in the wall. The design is very effective for holding soil and feeding compost to the air plants.

  1. Bright Planters:

Bright planters are very strong planters. The bright look of these planters came from the enamel coating over the bar of the structures. The greenery holding by these bright looking planters inside the home is talking its own story.

The hanging planters inside the house create an individual attraction and beautiful house design. The different ornamental design of ferns, feathers and colorful decorator looks alive on the wall and put their impression in decoration.

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