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Various types of self-watering planters you should know

Owning a planter and forgetting to water it is not really a likable act. Here is a take on the varieties of self-watering planter one can own:

Self-Watering Planter:

Self-watering planters don't water itself on its own; the frequency of watering the plant is less in these special planters. These planters have a water indicator within it; the indicator is highly accurate and shows when to water it. It also has a water reservoir which is watered by wicks. The chance of wilting is close to null since there’s no waterlogging problem in the process. Self-watering pots India holds up to 27 liters of water in it.

The Grow box planter:

One can use these planters on their own for understanding the effectiveness of it. Grow box is a container, a layer of which is holding the soil and plant while the layer underneath contains water in it. Just like the previous planter in the list, wick extracts the water on its own. The process largely boosts the germination process in plants and is an excellent way to improve the productivity of the plant. Timely watering of the plant is the best part of this type of irrigation watering process.

EarthBox for plants:

EarthBox is a planter highly effective in growing plants; the chance of over-watering is less here. Make sure that the reservoir doesn’t go all-dry, adding required amount of water in the reservoir makes sure a proper supply of liquid to the roots of the plants. There are very fewer chances of germination of weeds in these planters and are remarkably light in weight.

The Self-Watering Pot Reservoir:

Summertime can be scorching and arid in nature. Plants need water all-seasons; these self-watering pots make use of evaporation process in providing the right amount of moisture to the plant.  One can easily tackle the hardships faced in the changing seasons with the use of them. The refill tube makes sure that the right amount of water is there for the plant's growth, make sure to put water in it when left dry.

Terrazza Trough Planter:

Just like other planters in the list, these pots are excellent in supporting the substance of plants in it. The water reservoir holds water and gives a person the liberty to fill at will. The stylish planter serves the department of looks well enough. One can use it for themselves and witness the quality of the plant grown in it.

The Organic Tomato Success Kit:

One can grow tomatoes easily and faster with the use of the kit. Some kits include a cage in it, just to reduce the chances of outwardly threat to the plant. Weeds and various soil-borne diseases are very less in them.

Rim Planter with a safety system:

The safety mechanism ensures a completely pest free product and highly productive germination process. The rim planter makes sure that the plant gets an ample amount of moisture, adding fertilizers to the soil boots the product extensively.


Plants need sun and water for its survival in return it gives useful Oxygen to humans. The cycle of life is heavily altered if things start to change in the chain.

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