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What is the right pot size for indoor plants?

It might seem difficult to choose the perfect type of plant pots for indoor plants considering several varieties have come upon the market. In order to provide ideal accommodation to the plants, it is essential that your pots bear the ideal attributes.

Plants tend to purify the surrounding air by filtering all the presence of carbon dioxide to let you have a purified form of oxygen. Plants mainly tend to provide a healthy energizing surrounding.

You might even experience a proper balance of the temperature with its presence. In order for it to enhance your living area, plants need to be kept in their ideal ground. With a proper pairing of the plants and the pots, you may not only provide a positive essence but also have a proper décor of your home.

A wise decision

In order to help you choose the perfect variety of pot for indoor plants, you must ask yourself the following questions.

Inquiring yourself 

First of all, know whether you require a new planter at the moment. If yes then why is it? Usually many people end up buying those small pots for indoor plants without having any idea of the type they are looking for.

It’s better that you do not make the same mistake as others and take your decision wisely.   

Knowing planters and pots

Now comes the second point which is to know all about it before growing them. The term pot and planter are often used interchangeably while talking with some other people. It is best that you get a distinct idea of both.

Pots are mainly designed to contain one plants. All those small designer pots for indoor plants are generally small in space and size and can hold at the maximum one plant. Planters, on the other hand, are basically meant for outdoor purposes. They are mostly irregular in size and have the capability to hold more than one plant at a time.

Determining the size

While coming to the aspect of size, it is mainly referred to in the units of inches. Although it does not designate to any plant only the diameter of the pot. Take the case of a plant called Alocasia Polly.

The 4-inch variety regardless of its size will require a 4-inch diameter pot as per the norm. Hence a 4 inch tall and a 4 inch wide is the ideal measurement of the pot. If you are considering a pot size which is less than 10 inches, then go for those varieties that are 2 to 4 inches larger in diameter.


Keep in mind that a pot too large will tend to make the soil dry up slowly. As a result, your plat might be vulnerable to root rot. In case the pot is too large for the plant, you have to keep on pouring some amount of water from time to time. In such a case, your plant could be affected with stunted growth as well as become root bound. It would be ideal to place a plant in the pot which has the same size as it has while growing.

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