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What to do if your garden is infested with pests?

One of the common problems that all gardeners face is an infestation of pests. Pests are parasitic beings that invade the inner structures of plants, animals, and houses and are a nuisance for every livestock.

Mostly occurring during the summer these little crawlers enjoy inhabiting the warmth of its host and extracting its resources and hence detrimental for every plants and animal. For those of you who have their garden in balconies or terraces, bugs like ants, earwigs are quite common for plundering your exquisitely designed exotic flowers and plants in decorated railing hanging planters or planter stands.

As these uninvited guests are unpleasant and detrimental for a healthy ecosystem in homes and gardens they need to be prevented from infesting your delicate floras and faunas and maintain the inner integrity. As most gardeners are already familiar with this nuisance they have tried using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that barricade the inner surroundings of the garden.

As much as effective these chemically enhanced fertilizers are for removing these parasitic germs the more they are unhealthy for its consumers as well as for the plants they are being sprayed on. These unnatural additives with prolonged using can provide a number of health hazards and start becoming quite ineffective. Moreover, their continued use can help these pests to develop characteristics of becoming resistant to these fertilizers and thus can be a huge problem.

So it’s always better to stick to natural conventional methods and prohibiting the use of any unnatural synthetic fertilizers. Given below are some natural ways that will help in preventing these germs from infesting your greeneries.

  • One of the most essential traits for a bug-free garden is a building healthy As soils provide the necessary amenities such as nutrients, oxygen, and water keeping a healthy soil will help these plants to withstand any invasions from pests. Hence building a healthy and rich fertile soil is the first and foremost task to prevent pest attacks. For a healthy and fertile soil adding well-decomposed compost and enhance the soil structure.

  • While strolling through your rows of plants it necessary to check for any bugs and pests that may be crawling on the undersides of leaves or on the petals of flowers. These places are very common for them to inhabit.

  • There are some pests that are beneficial for your plants. They are not harmful and should be allowed to reside among your seedlings. Thus analyzing which bugs are a necessity and which is harmful can help provide an infest-free ecosystem in your garden. Bugs like Ladybugs, bees, Praying Mantis, Ground Beetles, Ants and centipedes are all beneficial and should be attracted by encouraging a year-round blooming.

  • Using mechanical ways such as keeping nets and fences, luring pests away from the plants by using traps, providing insecticidal soap in plants or horticulture oils are some of the non-toxic and environmentally friendly ways to prevent these bugs from amplifying.

If all the above processes fail to prevent the epidemic it is recommended to use non-toxic organic pesticides approved by environmental-friendly pesticide manufacturing associates.

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