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Why organic fertilizer is great for your garden?

  • By Yuccabe Italia
  • •  Mar 25, 2019

Well, gardening is a favorite hobby of many people. Growing up flowers and plants make the garden look attractive along with eco-friendly treatments. For maintaining a healthy garden full of plants and blooming flowers, enriched soil treatment is necessary. The soil is a key birthplace of plants. So to keep a proper plantation the soil need to be fed with proper nutrients which enhances the quality of the soil.

Passionate gardeners often use fertilizers to provide the nutrients to the soils it needs. Fertilizers are supplements which adds three key nutrients to the soil i.e. nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Nitrogen keeps the luxuriant growth of the plants, phosphorous helps the energy to get transferred in the cell which helps the plants to grow faster and potassium helps the plants to create carbohydrate and protein.

The list of fertilizers is never-ending. There are different types of fertilizers available in the market. Gardeners which grows a plant on pots and planters often prefer using organic fertilizers. Due to the organic content, the plant can grow in a natural way receiving needed nutrients and enhances the fertility of the soil. So let us see why organic fertilizers are great for the gardening purpose.

Slow and steady wins the race

Growing plant with applying proper nutrients is not an overnight process. Slow and steady growth is considered to be natural and healthy. The nutrients as we have heard before like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium needs to be added in the soil for the sound fertility of the soil. Organic fertilizers act as natural and slowly releases the nutrients. This is organically a good symbol of grown.

Synthetic fertilizers are a fast process which is a comparatively unnatural process and can damage the plant and moves water faster from the plant tissues. This can be harmful to the plants because faster growth has side effects. So organic fertilizers are ideal for proper enrichment of the soil which promotes natural and healthy plant growth.

The power of manure

Animal waste products are full of nutrients like potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen and can, of course, meet the requirement of the soil to promote proper growth of the plants. Well-aged manure is best for applying it in the soil content to make the soil fertile. The more aged the manure is the more fertile the soil is believed to become.

Low NPK macronutrient ratio

NPK macronutrient ratio refers to the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous ratio. Often the nutrients in the organic fertilizers are low or less in content. Due to a low NPK ratio which is below 10 offers the required amount of nutrients and not more than that. Low nutrient value offers slow but steady growth. Whereas synthetic fertilizers range heavy in number and can burst and foliage the root of the plant. Thus the gentle nature of the organic fertilizers is actually a good symbol of the natural growth of plants.


Organic pesticides and fertilizers can manage the disease caused by plants and soil and can also take steps before the disease occurs. Thus organic fertilizers protect the plant from external threats. Gardeners can apply organic fertilizers to maintain the longevity of the soil along with healthy plants growing on it.

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