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A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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Why planter gardening is better?

As much as pots, tubs as well as half barrels, overflown with flowers, add an appealing beauty, it does have some practical purpose too. Planter or container gardening is one form of practice that is mostly conducted on compact spaces.

For those who don’t have an extended space and yet have a desire for gardening can be allowed to do so with container gardening.

Space as a luxury

Gardeners having access to a certain patch of land can produce a wide variety of vegetation. So when they are restricted from the balcony or a small yard, container gardening can be an ideal alternative.

Features of container gardening

It has been remarked by several that container gardening adds a layer of versatility to gardens at a small or large scale. A pot for plant, placed in an organized fashion on the pedestal or mounted on a windowsill can exert an architectural beauty to the surrounding area.

While it gives an enhancement to the visual décor of a room, container gardening helps to provide a spiritual essence and delivers a natural outlook. Although it depends on the way you organize those pots as placing them out of the line might disrupt its visual aesthetic.

The art one can express

It is best to consider container gardening as your very own garden project even if you don’t have a backyard or a balcony. The conventional practice will not only let you create your own natural space but also adds its own vibe to the outlet it is being practised.

Just allocate a small area, determine the flowers and plants you want to grow and according to that buy a well-designed pot for plant. No matter how much small your desired space is, the designated area once filled with floras and faunas will always attract the eye of the beholder.

Benefits of container gardening

If you are still uncertain whether to involve in the practice, here are some of the benefits of container gardening.

  • Freedom expression adding versatility. The designated space can be everywhere from windowsills in the indoor to balcony, patio or even the courtyard. As a result, you have the freedom to express your own depiction.


  • With containers providing a portable platform for plant growth, you can choose any flower or plant even if they are not ideal within your space.


  • It is a rare beneficial feature but still needs to be mentioned that container gardening provides ease of accessibility. Those having limited mobility like elders or children can easily access the garden platform while being indoor.


  • With a small surface area, weed seeds are unlikely to find their way into the pots.


  • The conventional practice relieves you from the burden of maintenance on its tools and equipment. With no requirement of heavy tools and equipment and less amount of maintenance, you can save money.


  • Customizing the garden to your own taste can be performed due to its feature of mobility. You can move those plants in pots easily and in any way you want.


With space becoming a luxury, it is hard to afford a certain amount of space only to indulge in gardening. Also, there is the matter of maintenance, which often gets high with time. Hence it is better to stick to indoors and cultivate a portable garden with container gardening.     

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