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Why use ceramic pots in your garden?

We all know how helpful houseplants can be to us, to keep our airpurified. But it is equally important to keep the soil of these houseplants healthy as well. There is always an ongoing debate on what kind of pots to use for keeping plants.  The discussion with respect to plastic versus ceramic planters is long-standing. A few nursery workers love plastic pots, others will just utilize earthenware or mud. Each sort has favorable circumstances and inconveniences, and houseplants live longer when their individual needs are met. Ceramic is a decent all-around decision; however, the best pot for keeping houseplants solid to a great extent relies upon the plant's dampness needs and how frequently you water. Here are a few advantages of using ceramic pots:

  1. Porous ceramic pots additionally called unglazed mud, permit air and water development through the sides of the pot.

  2. Air development animates root development, which results in more advantageous plants. In any case, the earth additionally wicks dampness out of the dirt, settling on artistic pots a superior decision in the event that you tend to overwater or for plants that incline toward dry soils.

  3. This likewise implies plants in ceramic pots require more water than plants in plastic pots.

  4. Coated fired pots don't dry out as fast, yet confine air trade. Like ceramic pots, plastic pots don't permit air trade and hold dampness longer.

  5. The diverse loads and thicknesses of ceramic and plastic pots can be either favorable position or an inconvenience, contingent upon what you look like at it.

  6. Ceramic pots are heavier than plastic, and more averse to tip over. Yet, this additionally makes them harder to move them on the off chance that they're huge.

  7. Ceramic pots have thicker dividers than plastic.

  8. In the event that the houseplants are moved outside whenever amid the year, the thick ceramic pot goes about as protection for the roots to secure against temperature changes.

  9. Ceramic pots should have drainage holes and thereby help the plant thrive better. Small pebbles can even be used in place of that.

  10. Pot diameter is something important that one should consider. The size of the pot determines how well it can grow.

Ceramic pots are not only good for the plants, but they also have an aesthetic element. Plastic can be a sign of neglect for the environment. On the other hand, ceramic pots look beautiful and they can be decorated and used as an interior element. The soothing environment many ceramic pots and fresh plants in them is very pleasing indeed. These are some advantages of using ceramic pots in your garden, but also there are a few disadvantages too. Ceramic clay pots can chip off easily and plastic has a longer life than them. But that small disadvantage can be definitely overlooked as the advantages are even better in case of ceramic pots. They can be decorated in so many ways and are sure to add a nice zing to your garden.

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