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Why worm castings are a great fertilizer for your garden?

Using chemical based pesticides as a protective measure is considered an unethical farming practice. There are several farmers who have dealt with such a toxic solution in the name of clearing off pesticides.

For those who have still maintained the curriculum needs to know that they are bringing more damage to the crops and plants. It is a well-prophesied theory that nature does not often bonds well with chemically engineered products.

The constituents in those chemical pesticides do harm than good for the plants.

Chemicals and Nature

Chemically manufactured pesticides are often the reason why you see a certain downfall in the quality of foodstuffs. The inorganic solutions are known to cause several health issues to those that consume them.

After its severe impact on the foodstuffs, farmers have started adopting organic procedures in order to maintain the quality of food.

Organic as the better alternative

Organic fertilizers are less hazardous and are considered as a better option than chemically induced varieties. The environment-friendly constituents tend to impart nourishing cultivation of plants and generate no amount of toxicity.

As soon as those inorganic fertilizers were criticized largely for its unhealthy and detrimental essence a huge dependency has been exerted towards the organic ones.

Nowadays, you won’t see anyone using those chemical-based varieties in the plastic pots but only those organic ones.

What makes worm casting beneficial?

Speaking off organic application, worm casting is considered to be the safest and of course a better alternative than others. Worm casting otherwise known as Vermicompost is known for supplementing the soils in the garden as well as the plants.

Castings generated by those composting worms have been identified as a good form of fertilizer which is packed with several nutrients and minerals. The worm castings are mainly composed of minerals such as concentrated nitrates, potassium, calcium, phosphorous as well as magnesium.

Being 100% organic, the compost fertilizer can increase the yield amount of plant, offer protection to the plants and soils from many diseases and also help to retain the moisture from the soil.

Advantages and benefits

It is easy to have a continuous supply of worm castings. You just have let those red worms species feed household scraps in order to let them breakdown the decaying remains into a rich source of organic fertilizers.

The added nutrients can be absorbed immediately by the plants as the natural debris has already been decomposed by the worms through digestion. The vermicompost consisting of water-soluble plant nutrients, enzymes, productive bacteria, organic straps and some days past animal compost enriches the soil composition.

The organic constituents, while poured in any plastic flower pot, will tend to increase the health of the soil in retaining water as well as nutrients. It is only because of the presence of worm mucus and the mineral clusters leave behind by the worms that increase the plant-life sustaining capacity of the soil.

Because of the presence of the earthworm compost that generates healthy microbes the soil is able to retain its health aspect.


As you can see, worm castings can be a great additive for your garden soil. As long as the soil remains healthy, it will be able to provide the proper amount of nutrient and always retain its aspect of fertility. Soil tends to remain healthy as long as it is free from diseases and harmful fertilizers and pesticides.  

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