Your Guide to Learning All About Hanging Wall Planters

Are you interested in having your own home garden? If yes, then have you decided whether to grow one within indoors or outdoors of your home? Also, have you made your selection from the different varieties in planters? Well, you can avail a large assortment in them. Particularly, the hanging wall planters will catch your fancy if you are looking to save on ground space to make your garden look more spacious.

What are Wall Planters?

Wall planters are described as small-sized plant containers that are installed on the walls of homes. They can serve a range of purposes. You can grow fake or live plants inside them. Moreover, they can be stored within indoors or outdoors of your homes.

Plants to Grow in the Hanging Wall Planters

Some plants that are found suitable to be grown in hanging wall planters include herbs, flowers, and succulents. Where wall planters are concerned, succulents rate higher in popularity for growing living plants because of their uncanny appearance. Some succulents that are grown in wall planters are aloe vera, cactus, and garden asparagus.

Also, you can avail artificial plants that are made of plastic materials to store in the hanging wall planters if you want to decorate your houses.

Benefits of Hanging Wall Planters

Primarily, there are 2 benefits of having hanging wall planters. Firstly, they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your private spaces. Secondly, they produce edibles, albeit, in small quantities.

Furthermore, you have a large variety of hanging wall planters to make your pick from. They are available in different materials such as wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, and glass.

Wall Planters and Grow Walls

In hanging wall planters, you have a choice in ‘Grow Walls’ as well. Grow walls are categorized under wall planters only. Yet, they differ from the other types of hanging wall ones.

Where grow walls are concerned, they are specifically used for producing food. Yes, you can have your home-grown leafy greens in greater quantities by using them because as compared to the single wall planters, the grow walls are larger in size. Additionally, grow walls entail a solo large-sized arrangement in place of several small-sized wall planters.

Furthermore, grow walls require fertilizers and growing mediums. Also, the plants in them have to be watered on a regular basis. They have to be harvested often as well.

Precautions to be Taken

As mentioned earlier that wall planters are made of varied materials. The ones that are composed of ceramic or glass are deemed to be fragile. Thus, ordering these varieties through online websites may not be a good idea. This is because they are prone to damage during their shipping. Also, you may not be able to avail refunds in such cases.

However, if you are looking for hanging wall planters to buy online, then be sure to browse the website In addition to hanging wall ones, you have a choice in other types of planters as well.


After studying the above-listed points, you are now in a better position to take suitable decisions when planning your home garden. Always consider the hanging wall ones, they can uplift the appearance of your homes and make you a proud owner of a beautiful, lively home.

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