Five indoor plants that you can gift this year

With the level of pollution increasing day by day, why not present an eco-friendly gift to our loved ones. One such amazing gift for plant lovers is indoor plants. Plants will not only help them breathe clean and pure air but also prevent them from falling ill and suffering from health disorders like bronchitis, asthma, sinus, and other respiratory conditions. While the Indian government and other health regulatory organizations have taken a step forward to initiate measures to keep the air free from pollutants, we, the people, must try to take measures in controlling air pollution. Indoor plants make the best eco-friendly gifts. We have a few flower pot ideas that can be be both an inddor plant gift or an outdoor plant gift ideas. We list below five indoor plants that you can gift your special someone’s this year.

Ficus Plant – In common parlance, this plant is known as the weeping fig and is a beautiful plant that keeps the air free from pollutants. It is commonly found in households and provides many benefits. NASA has come to the conclusion that this plant is capable of cleaning airborne formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. When you keep the Ficus plant in your home, the quality of air becomes significantly better, which means you are breathing pure air.

Aloe Vera Plant – This plant is not only good for the skin and hair but also removes benzene and formaldehyde from the air, thereby making it pure and healthy. The receiver will love this beautiful foliage plant as it gives out oxygen in the night, requires less maintenance, and is known for improving the quality of air in the house.

Spider Plant – One of the easiest indoor plants to grow and maintain is the spider plant. It removes the toxic carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene from the air. This oxygen-releasing plant makes for a great gift as it reduces stress and anxiety and spreads positivity and happiness.

Tulsi – This herbal plant is highly beneficial. It brings good fortune and health and prevents negative energy from entering the home. Also called the queen of herbs, the tulsi plant releases oxygen 20 hours a day. Thus, when you keep the Tulsi plant in the home, the oxygen supply increases by manifold times, and you are inhaling pure air as it filters toxic gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulphur dioxide from the air.

The Bamboo Plant – Keeping a bamboo plant at home- means there is a surge in oxygen supply. It purifies the air by absorbing toxins like benzene and formaldehyde. It also removes the colourless liquid toluene from the air. Toluene has a strong odour that causes nose, eyes, and throat irritation. Presenting a bamboo plant as gift is no doubt a great idea.

By giving such house plants as gifts to your near and dear ones, you are not only letting them know that you care about their good health but also doing a great job of keeping our planet clean and safe. You can buy many unique garden pots online to gift. These days you can easily opt for plant gift delivery online. The gift of these plastic indoor plant pots is sure to be cherished by your loved ones for a long time.

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