A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri 110018 New Delhi West IN
A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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About us

Committed to innovation and skillful design, Yuccabe Italia is a market leader in contemporary and expertly-crafted décor solutions- for both the indoors and outdoors. An arm of the Yuccabe Group, it caters specifically to the requirements and desires of the individual consumer, bringing professionally attested products to the modern home and office.


An initiative of banker-turned-entrepreneur Mr. Kuldeep Kalsi, Yuccabe was born out of a deep passion for décor and landscape design, as well as a keen eye for the potential and possibilities in this sector. Investing his own resources extensively to drive the company in its early days, Mr. Kalsi created a unique catalog of products breaking through existing limits on size and quality. These not only successfully addressed the flaws of traditional solutions but were also firmly rooted in current sensibilities and design. 

The company first took on the humble planter and upgraded it into a bold style statement. Complimented by its sleek lines, clean profile and extreme durability and portability, the Yuccabe Planter won over both the architect as well as the end-user instantly. Available in a range of colors and finishes and of a quality that was unparalleled, Yuccabe was quickly adopted by leading companies, landscape designers, and architects as their planter of choice. 

Encouraged by this positive response and inspired by further demands of the sector, Yuccabe continued to evolve and expand bringing together high-end materials, cutting-edge designs and a promise of uncompromised quality. The company today boasts of an extensive range of over 150 designs in a range of sizes and finishes to meet the requirements of every client, project, designer, and user.


From private residences to massive hotels, personal offices to business parks, Yuccabe planters have adorned many landmark projects- each a testimony to its superiority and originality. Select Citywalk mall in Saket, New Delhi was a turning point in the company's growth curve, and Yuccabe has consistently impressed and inspired, steadily gaining new clients and patrons. 

Today Yuccabe products grace the indoors and outdoors for over a hundred projects across the country. Past and present clients include leaders in the hospitality, corporate, retail and healthcare sector such as DLF, Ansal, Fortis, J W Marriot, ITC, Airtel and Reliance among others. 

The company is ISO 9001-2008 fully certified with many of its products tested and certified by NABL Certified Labs. 

Yuccabe has also been discussed and covered by various national dailies and magazines. 

Evolution Continuing to create benchmarks for the industry, Yuccabe brings its technical and visual expertise to newer products that complement and adorn the modern decor. With its diverse range of planters, vases, fountains and artificial plants and flowers, available in modern materials and finishes, Yuccabe creates signature pieces that excite and inspire. 

Yuccabe Italia has been launched to bring these products to the individual in a more accessible format. With a constantly updated catalog and competitive prices, Yuccabe Italia is a window to innovative and creative décor solutions that add value to any space. Given their durability and long life, Yuccabe Italia offers a range that is not just a cosmetic solution, but also a sound investment.

                                                            WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT YUCCABE ITALIA?

Yuccabe Italia is renowned for creating benchmarks in design and quality through its range of products. Moulding international designs to meet the demands of the Indian terrain and market, we offer world-class products at competitive prices. Winning the hearts and loyalties of clients, designers and consumers, we are set apart by our 

  • Materials: Breaking away from traditional materials to address their shortcomings, Yuccabe Italia adopts high-end polystone, hybrid polymers, and composites. These make our products unbreakable and extremely lightweight. Highly weather-proof, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Finishes: We provide a versatile range of finishes suited to a range of decors. Our choice of finishes not only adds infinite cosmetic appeal to the product but also makes it more hygienic, durable and practical to use.
  • Sizes and Profiles: Yuccabe broke ground with its unprecedented range of sizes and modern designs making it a one-stop solution to all your indoor and outdoor décor needs.
  • Manufacturer: With our own dedicated manufacturing unit, we keep a strict eye on every product- from design to delivery. Our unit is a breeding ground for new and innovative products that evolve to keep pace with user demands and latest trends in the market.
  • Quality: Our choice of materials and finishes, crafted in our own unit ensures a strict control on the final product and its quality. It is this that has won us the trust and loyalty of our professional and private clients and brings them back to us for more.

                                                                  WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE US

Yuccabe has a strong base of loyal clients and customers which includes professionals, individuals, companies, designers, and builders. Continuing to impress through our evolving catalog of products and ideas, Yuccabe has emerged as a symbol of freshness, quality, and trust. 

  • A Yuccabe Italia product is a benchmark of quality and design. Driven by our innovative spirit, our products are unparalleled- each product unique, stylish and of an exceptional standard.
  • Our products add value to your home or office, complimenting any décor and space with its sophisticated designs and versatile finishes that are pleasant to every eye.
  • Our products are lightweight and unbreakable. They are therefore easy to move around and are a fraction of the weight of more traditional options. This makes them highly child-proof and suited to users of all ages.
  • With a uniform density, there is no seepage or moulding in our products making them highly weather-proof and durable- both indoors and outdoors.
  • Our choice of designs is current and in keeping with market trends, making them perfect to give your home or office a complete makeover or to adorn it further.
  • Competitively priced and highly durable, our products are sound investments that are perfect to beautify your surroundings with.
  • Yuccabe Italia delivers on time and to the keenest expectations of its customers.